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Book Excerpt: Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by A.R. Kaufer

BOOK EXCERPT: Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by A.R. Kaufer

Here at The Fantasy Review, we are very happy to present a book excerpt of Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by A.R. Kaufer. This book will be released October 6th 2023 and is available to preorder right now!

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Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by A.R. Kaufer

“The curse will become permanent. You will remain a vampyr while your staff turns to statues, surrounding you and reminding you of both your cruelty and your failure to save them.”

“Is that all the curse will do?”

“No. You, your staff, and your chateau will be forgotten by the people. You will become a thing of legend, passed by, and ignored. Your kingdom will be frozen in eternal winter, as ice cold as your very heart.”

“Wait, how can someone love me if I am forgotten?”

“I guess you will have to figure that out. Unless you break the curse, I will not see you again until your one hundredth birthday.”He opened his mouth to speak but decided he would not subject anyone else to this curse. Fear ripped through him, and he charged at her but stopped when she vanished. Stripping out of his jacket and shirt, he rushed to the mirror. His reflection sent a wave of disgust crawling through him. He rampaged through the chateau, ripping doors off their hinges and destroying any mirror he saw as he cried out in rage, unable to bear the sight of the beast staring back in return.

Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by A.R. Kaufer

Book Description:

A woman broken in grief. A villain with a curse. What will happen when their paths cross?

The prince is a bloodthirsty soldier who enjoys death, fine wine, and the company of beautiful women. Until one fateful night, when everything changes.

80 years later, the king’s barrister, Marius, discovers a reference to the prince and is immediately sent upon a mission of discovery by the king, much to the dismay of his three daughters.

At the chateau, Marius makes a deadly mistake, and now someone must pay the price…

For fans of Beauty and the Beast, Dracula, and romantic fairytales, this is for you. A gothic tale as old as time…

Content Warning:
Attempted sexual assault
Non-violent death of a child

The Stolen Royalty Series is a series of fairytale retellings where each book can be read in any order and are standalones within the series.

Pre-order links:

Amazon: Kingdom of Forgotten Curses: Beauty & the Undead Beast (The Stolen Royalty Series Book 1) eBook : Kaufer, A.R.: Kindle Store

Barnes & Noble: Kingdom of Forgotten Curses: Beauty & the Undead Beast by Autumn Kaufer, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Books-A-Million: Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by Autumn Kaufer (

Waterstones: Kingdom of Forgotten Curses by Autumn Kaufer | Waterstones

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