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Doctor Who: Interesting Theories About ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, the Most Mysterious of the 60th Anniversary Episodes

After the exciting start to the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials with The Star Beast, the internet is abuzz with theories about the next episode, Wild Blue Yonder. Russell T Davies has purposely not released much, if anything, about this episode at all, making it the most mysterious part of the three specials.

However, the internet will be the internet, and fans have a few ideas, theories, and hopes for Wild Blue Yonder that I have loved watching. It is so exciting to have people talking about the show and theorising again, while we all wait until next Saturday!

It’s Another Tardis

One of the most interesting theories I have seen online is that the 14th Doctor and Donna have travelled into another Tardis. Watching all the available clips for the upcoming episode, frame by frame, you might be able to see a Tardis-like console room, perhaps, or sense that the setting feels a lot like what we have previously seen in Journey into the Centre of the TARDIS from season 7.

Despite a strong argument for this theory from Tharries on YouTube, I have to say that I am not convinced. It’s definitely possible, but I don’t quite see how the Tardis would materialise inside another Tardis. I might be wrong, but I don’t think it’s possible. This would not be the first time Doctor Who did the impossible, however.

Maybe “wild blue yonder” does refer to the Tardis?

wild blue yonder book

Special Guests? John Simm and/or Carole Ann Ford

The “another Tardis” theory links well with the next theory, which is that we are going to get some special guests appearing in Wild Blue Yonder. John Simm and Billie Piper have been seen on the IMDB cast page for this episode, but that isn’t a very good source prior to the episode coming out, so do with that information what you will.

What seems more likely to me is a meeting with Carole Ann Ford, who played the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, right back at the beginning in 1963. If we are truly inside another Tardis, she is a strong contender for the pilot. 

Several of the cast members were [Redacted] in the Doctor Who Magazine preview for this episode, so surely that is a hint at atleast one special guest appearance? If it is Susan, I cannot wait for 14 to meet her!

carole ann ford in wild blue yonder?

Multi-doctor story, with Ncuti Gatwa

Another option for a special guest appearance is the 15th Doctor himself, Ncuti Gatwa. This might be a longshot, but these anniversary episodes have a long history of multi-Doctor stories. Several theories believe 15 will show up during The Giggle, but if he was to appear in Wild Blue Yonder, or even right at the end as the most evil cliffhanger in history, that would blow all our minds. 

How they would do this multi-Doctor story with 14 still in the room is another thing entirely. I would suggest that The Toymaker, who is certainly pulling some of the strings, if not all of them, would be able to make this meeting happen. We will see!

Link to The Timeless Child Arc

The final theory I want to mention is that Wild Blue Yonder might link in some way to The Timeless Child arc we saw in season 12. We know that the Doctor and Donna are taken to “the furthest edge of adventure” so perhaps this might be located near to where the Doctor originated from before Gallifrey? 

It’s at least an interesting theory, and Davies has said there might be a small mention of this arc in the specials, solidifying it as canon.

We Have No Idea

The truth is, there is nothing much to go on when trying to work out what Wild Blue Yonder might be about. It’s another name for the the official song of the United States Air Force, also known as “The U.S. Air Force” (very original), taken from the first line, “Off we go into the wild blue yonder.”

Off we go indeed. 

What do you think about these theories? Do you have any interesting theories of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Logopolis, the 4th Doctors finale story litterally did have the TARDIS inside another TARDIS, so it’s certainly happened before. I believe last time it was the Masters.

  2. Oh thank you for the correction! Not totally impossible we won’t be seeing John Simm again then….

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