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Review: The Acolyte Episode 3 is the Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened to Star Wars

The Fantasy Review‘s review of The Acolyte episode 3.

Some call it a force and claim to use it. Some call it a thread and have no idea how the force actually works.

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The Acolyte episode 3 is the worst thing that has ever happened to Star Wars, and yes, that includes the sequel movies. How this show was allowed to fail so spectacuatly is beyond me. With a massive budget and decades of lore to draw from, the creators have made a show that looks cheap and makes no sense within the established lore of the franchise.

The acolyte episode 3

Change can be good. Its exciting when a franchise tries something new, but this only works when the people behind the new project are passionate about the franchise and respect its history. Those behind nearly all recent Star Wars project instead seem to hate what makes the franchise so loved, and are intent on ignoring the vision of far more talented people who came before.

Take episode 3 of The Acolyte. The writers have taken what we love about Star Wars and twisted it into something unrecognisable. We know how the force works – we have over 40 years of lore to back that up. And we know the Jedi, with all their faults, were champions of the light, while the sith were the dark side. Contrary to some recent banal musings, Star Wars is very literally a classic tale of Good vs Evil.

The Acolyte fails to deliver us engaging characters or a story that makes sense. The least the creators could have done is skim a Wiki about Star Wars before attempting (and failing) to rewrite everything everyone loved about the franchise.

I dont see anyone enjoying The Acolyte. Hopefully, if we all just stop watching, Disney will sack the lot of them and bring in talented writers who are actually passionate about Star Wars and will create new, exciting stories while respecting its rich history.

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