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The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan: Book Review

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My Rating: 4/5


It isn’t until the second third of The Magician’s Guild that things get really good. Trudi Canavan has a fantastic, accessible writing style in this fantasy book that thrives on mystery.

As soon as Sonea begins to become more wrapped up in what’s going on and stumble across strange, unexpected happenings, the pace picks up and I couldn’t put The Magician’s Guild down.

There is a whole cast of characters who all have distinct voices, motivations, and opinions

Sonea is frightened and desires only the freedom from that fear – for herself and the ones she is closest to.

  • Lords Dannyl and Rothen are fantastic and I hope to see a lot more of them. Dannyl is sweet and gentle, and Rothen has an air of fatherliness to him.
  • Cery is a cheeky git and I love him for it.
  • Finally, Fergun is a very creepy character and well portrayed as such.

The plot itself isn’t too complex

There are clues and hints, however, to the overarching plot of the trilogy that are introduced well in this book. The Magician’s Guild is one of the best “wizard-school” settings I have read and will be a joy to read for anyone who loves that sort of thing.

Overall, this is a great introduction to this world and its characters. It may not be the best fantasy book ever, but it’s great fun and is heading towards a bigger, grander story.  

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