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The Novice by Trudi Canavan: Book Review

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The Novice by Trudi Canavan is the definition of a wizard-school book! It was so much fun to watch as Sonea learnt to control and hone her magical abilities. After The Magician’s Guild, there is a huge amount of character growth.

Her story is difficult to read at times as she is treated awfully by other students because of where she comes from, but the plot is a typical underdog story so it’s a satisfying read.

The mystery surrounding the High Lord intensifies and consumes the narrative

Through the exploration of this mystery, we begin to learn more about the history, lore. and magic of the epic fantasy world.

An element of this exploration is done through the characters Lord Dannyl and Tayend. Their storyline is raw and beautiful – it was a pleasure to read.

This book suffers a little as the middle book

As the ending feels more like an introduction to the final entry, The High Lord.

However, the arc for this second book is still intriguing and will pull you along at a fast pace. It’s hard not to be drawn in by Sonea learning about magic, the complex and wonderful relationships between characters, and the mystery that shrouds the High Lord.  

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