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Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson: Book Review

words of radiance book review

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Words of Radiance Book Review – Spoiler Free

There will probably be some spoilers in this review of Words of Radiance, as it’s for the second book in The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson.

Sanderson has a way of making his huge books incredibly easy to read. From the outset, over 1000 pages looks and feels like a lot, and it is, but when you’re reading Words of Radiance, it doesn’t feel like enough!

It’s fair to say that I loved this book. The second book in a series is often overshadowed by the first but I feel The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance are on equal standing.

Shallan was the focal point of Words of Radiance, and I enjoyed reading about her past. It was different to Kaladin’s in the first book, but that’s not the main reason I feel it was the weakest part of the book.

I was not sure what a lot of it added. Perhaps that is why there was not much written as flashback, unlike Kaladin’s flashbacks in The Way of Kings.

The final scene with Shallan, however, proved me wrong in thinking that it was unnecessary. I look forward to her story progressing as I believe it is more complex now and has a way to go.

Dalinar became more settled in this book. I liked to watch him scheme but for the most part he was just repeating himself. That is not to say that I was bored by him, but it was his scenes towards the end and his conversations with Kaladin that I liked the most.

Adolin’s character greatly improved in this book. His relationship with Shallan helped to flesh him out a bit, and the duels also helped to solidify my feelings about him.

Renarin was an interesting character in Words of Radiance. You could tell that something was happening, and the reveal at the end was okay but I’d already guessed. I do have a theory, however, that he might betray the other Radiants – we’ll see.

Kaladin’s storyline, as always, outshone the rest. You can tell that Sanderson created this character first and loves him. Much like the relationship between George R.R. Martin and Tyrion Lannister, Brandon Sanderson loves to make Kaladin do cool stuff!

It’s not just that though. I appreciate the incredible lengths Sanderson goes to convey Kaladin’s depression and his struggle to do what he thinks is right, or even work out his own feelings.

By the end of the book, Kaladin becomes who he was always going to be. I’m not sure how much his character can progress, but there is still much he can add to the story.

Overall, this was an incredible book and I look forward to reading Oathbringer next!

words of radiance book review

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