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5 Reasons to Read The Keepers Trilogy by David Dalglish

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I recently finished Voidbreaker by David Dalglish which is the conclusion to The Keepers trilogy. I had a blast reading these three books so here are 5 Reasons to Read The Keepers Trilogy too.

1. The World

This world is one of the most interesting ones that I’ve read about. While the books don’t answer all my questions, they do a pretty good job of painting a picture of its richness. As a sucker for magic and mythical creatures, I was excited to find out how much this world offered which made me even more excited to read on.

The world is vast, has its own lore and there is a crawling mountain.

2.The Magic

While the magic here has its rules and limitations, it feels like a soft magic system. Personally, I think it can be both because some of the characters can use it to get themselves out of tough situations while others have to adapt it in order to benefit from it in the right way.

3. The Magical Creatures

I love all types of magical creatures and the more, the better. The Keepers is about the return of old magic and with it, the creatures. They have been sleeping for hundreds of years and when they wake up, they aren’t happy with how things have changed.

We have many different types of creatures that we learn about and even some of the main characters’ companions are a firekin called Puffy and an onyx fairy called Tessmarie. Additionally, we have gargoyles, three-eyed foxkin, and many others.

Reasons to Read The Keepers Trilogy

4. The Story/ Plot

The story is about a war between creatures, it’s about who has the right to inhabit the land created by the gods. We see a lot of what human nature is when it’s challenged to deal with things it doesn’t understand. It doesn’t shy away from showing the good and the ugly.

There are a few unexpected twists and, it’s a very good story.

5. The Character Arcs

What I love the most about these books are the characters because all of them have detailed, deep, and complex character arcs no matter how much page time they get. The characters are masterfully built in a way that inspired emotion in me every time I was reading about one of them.

I believe that Adria’s character was the most complex one of them. We get to see a person who’s always followed her religion get her hands on unimaginable power. Her whole character arc discusses what happens when a good person with good intentions has the power to change the world.

Everything Adria does comes from a good place, but her actions don’t always appear good, and I loved reading about her even if she got annoying at the end.

All the character arcs are equally complex, and I think they are the best thing about the books.

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