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The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding: Book Review

Spoiler-Free The Ember Blade Book Review

If you are looking for a modern fantasy book with the feel of a classic epic fantasy adventure, The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding is for you! I devoured this book and could not stop reading until it was finished.

the ember blade review

Fast-Paced Plot

The pacing of The Ember Blade is fantastic, with the stakes continuing to rise throughout the book. It was almost impossible to put this down, especially at the end of a chapter, when I just had to start the next one to know what happened next.

What I loved the most about the plot, though, was its unpredictability. This might feel somewhat like a classic fantasy tale, but the themes, tone and atmosphere are quite modern when it comes to character work – and you truly never know if a character is going to make it to the next page alive. 

Great Characters

Following Aren and Cade from Shoal Point on their incredible journey was gripping. They were wonderfully written, with depth and complexity.

They begin the main plot of the story in a tragic way, but seeing them struggle and cope was inspiring. If you want good examples of complex, strong characters in fantasy, look no further. 


I love my fantasy books to have as much worldbuilding as possible – that’s why I read so many huge books and series, because there is enough space for all that exploration. We are certainly given plenty of time to soak in the world in The Ember Blade

There are no huge paragraphs and pages of exposition – the worldbuilding is naturally woven within the plot. The depth of the cultures, religion, gender roles and racial discrimination was astounding, and I enjoyed every minute of it, soaking it all up! 

Final Thoughts

The Ember Blade is perfect for all fantasy fans. Whether you prefer modern fantasy like Brandon Sanderson, or the classics like David Eddings, there is a great balance between the two styles.

I’m excited for book 2, and can’t wait to see where this story goes.

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