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Book Review: Sunreach by Brandon Sanderson & Janci Patterson

The Wulver’s Library‘s Review of Sunreach by Brandon Sanderson & Janci Patterson

Sunreach is the new novella from Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson set in the Skyward series. It is set after both Skyward and Starlight and before the yet-to-be-released Cytonic. This is novella one of three that follows a different member of Skyward Flight back on Detritus. The unique story follows FM as a Delver appears in the sky outside and vanishes just as quickly. FM and Jorgen must work together with the engineer Rig to unlock the powers of the Taynix in order to save humanity. Spensa’s friend Minister Cuna of the Superiority is stranded on Sunreach outpost and it is up to our motley crew to rescue her or Detritus will be wiped out.

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It’s been great to be back in Sanderson’s world of Skyward and even better that this is an introduction, for myself, to Janci Patterson who collaborated with Sanderson on this novella. I enjoyed how Patterson brought forward characters that were perhaps left in the dark in the main novels. This could have easily been a repetition of Spensa’s story but Patterson and Sanderson have materialised scenes that present the ability to connect with background characters and even to some adorable slugs that look to be playing an important plot point in future stories. We are treated to a dynamic relationship between family, romance and friendship that gives heart and meaning to the story. 

The writing style was definitely different from what I expected from a Sanderson novella. I’m unsure just how much was collaborated/written by Patterson but this read just as smoothly as Sanderson yet so emotive and exciting. We really get a feeling at how large the universe is but also how secluded our gang are as they take to the skies as humanity’s last hope. I really feel for the writing here and that helped make a great connection to the larger stakes.

I’m definitely looking forward to Redawn and Evershore after reading this. I’ve always got a soft spot when an offer chooses to expand their universe and flesh out characters that may otherwise be underwhelming in the main series. I’ll likely do a re-read once all 3 novellas are out but once again Sanderson knocks it out the park and Patterson will be getting a new fan from myself.

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