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The First Law Books in Order

Having recently read and enjoyed book 1 in The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie, I figured it was a good time to learn the reading order. So, here is a list of all the First Law books in order.

This list includes the books from all the series, standalones and short story collections in The First Law world.

(Numbering relates to the publication order)

The First Law Trilogy

This trilogy of books is the starting point of The First Law books. You can begin elsewhere, but it is recommended that you begin with the books published first. They include:

#1 – The Blade Itself

The First Law Books in Order

#2 – Before They Are Hanged

#3 – Last Argument of Kings

First Law Standalones

Next on this list of The First Law books in order, we have the trilogy of standalones:

#4 – Best Served Cold

#5 – The Heroes

#6 – Red Country

The First Law Books in Order

Short Stories

There has been one collection of short stories so far, which is:

#7 – Sharp Ends

Age of Madness Trilogy

The latest trilogy of books in this world is the Age of Madness which is set after the events of the original trilogy. The entries include:

#8 – A Little Hatred

#9 – The Trouble With Peace

#10 – The Wisdom of Crowds

Other Series by Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie has also written a dark, YA trilogy called the Shattered Sea trilogy. These books in order are:

  1. Half a King
  2. Half the World
  3. Half a War

These books are not related to The First Law world.

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