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10 Great Indie Science Fiction Books

This list of 10 Great Indie Science Fiction Books is a sponsored article by the author of Daros.

#1 – Daros

indie science fiction books

Plunged into chaos

High above Daros, sixteen-year-old Brecca Vereen prepares to unload a cargo of trade goods aboard her father’s ship, the Envy’s Price. Nellen Vereen shows her a mysterious artifact bound for a contact below, one that will earn them a lot of credits, and one that they definitely won’t be declaring to customs.

Materializing out of nowhere, alien invaders fire upon all ships, destroy the jump gate, and knock out communications. The Envy’s Price is crippled, and as her father tries to guide it down from orbit, Brecca rescues the illicit artifact and jettisons in a life pod to an uncertain fate below.

On the flagship of the invading fleet, Navigator Frim tries to persist within the cruel autocracy of the Zeelin Hegemony, under constant threat of death, but wishing for something better. And then she notices a whisper of radiation above Daros – the trail of a cloaked Vonar ship. What are they doing in the midst of all this? And will the captain kill her just for revealing this disagreeable news?

#2 – Star Children Saga

Twins Cassidy and Torr must save Earth from a ruthless enemy at a time when the only force more powerful than alien technology is magic. Moon Deeds launches the siblings’ journey across the galaxy, where they must learn their power as the Star Children, claim their shamanic heritage, and battle dark forces that threaten humankind.

#3 – Before and After

Ben Stone is terrified. He’s terrified because he weighs 601 pounds and needs his right leg amputating. He’s terrified because a crane will shortly lift him from his fourth-floor flat and lower him 44 feet to an ambulance waiting below. He’s terrified because he hasn’t been outside in nine years and he doesn’t know who will look after his beautiful dog.

He needn’t worry though, because the world is about to end.

#4 – Antecedents’ Legacy

On rotation again, Zander made a vow to ask Selda to recognize their relationship as more than just a casual hookup, planning to do so as soon as they were back off schedule. The universe, however, was about to remind him of a crucial lesson and old adage: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” Sent out into the desert on what looked like a wild-goose chase, they were about to head back when everything changed.

#5 – Mechanical

A man wakes up in the middle of nowhere and remembers nothing.

A voice in his head tells him something was ‘installed’ inside him, and along with it; a random ability– the time-altering kind.

Follow the story of Number 042 as he tries to uncover the mysteries of his past and the future of alternate Earth.

#6 – Eclipse

Django had everything he ever wanted… now he’s lost it all.

When Django uncovered an unexpected truth, he didn’t know it would end the lives of nearly everyone he cares about…

Mikka can’t escape her dubious past… and now must answer for past sins.

Mikka thought she had left her life as a notorious space pirate behind to care for her ailing mother, but the past comes knocking after her ship, the Redemption, answers a cryptic distress call…

Read our Review of Eclipse!

#7 – In the Orbit of Sirens

indie science fiction books


When starship mechanic, Denton Castus, is caught in the destructive path of a devastating war, he abandons his home and seeks refuge on a distant planet. However, this new safe haven has undiscovered threats of its own.

#8 – Wistful Ascending

indie science fiction books

A superhero space opera for grownups.

For fans of Invincible and Marvel Cinematic Universe films.
If Thor and Harry Dresden combined in a transporter accident.

The il’Drach have conquered half a galaxy behind the civilization-ending Powers of their mixed-species children.
Half-human Rohan, exhausted by a decade fighting for their Empire, has paid a secret and terrible price for his freedom.

#9 – Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy

Hank is a thug. He knows he’s a thug. He has no problem with that realization. In his view the galaxy has given him a gift: a mutation that allows him to withstand great deals of physical trauma. He puts his abilities to the best use possible and that isn’t by being a scientist.

#10 – The Ark

indie science fiction books

The Earth as we know it is about to end.

Technology has developed to the point where a person can be placed in a Sleep State: a cross between suspended animation and a drug-induced coma.

Just as the trial of the new technology is being completed, an unusual comet is discovered approaching Earth, bringing with it radiation that will wipe out all life on the planet…

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