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Book Series Review: 86 by Asato Asato

Spoiler-Free Book Series Review of 86 by Asato Asato

Asato Asato’s 86, (no there is no repeated name there. He made the choice to go for a same first name, and same last name penname, and it sounds quite nice, even if it doesn’t roll off the tongue,) is a retelling of historical fiction, albeit loosely.

book series review of 86 by asato asato

In the far future where Artificial intelligence has become sentient with the sole purpose of wiping out humanity, this series of books follows two characters, slowly unraveling the history of the 86, a racially charged book that will make you ask the important questions, and perhaps, I think, the more important inquiry of all: if humans are truly capable of sending our own to concentration camps, marching forward down the barrel of a suicide order, is it really all that terrible for machines to replace us? Surely, it might be better for the global ecosystem if that being the case.

I did make the mistake of watching the Anime first, so that’s on me, but regardless, it still manages to make my shriveled heart shed a tear, despite the ineptitude of bad guys killing off main characters.

86: Serialized Light novels: Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence, Mechs.

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