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Star Trek: Picard Can’t Even Get Nostalgia Right

I’m trying to watch Star Trek: Picard season 3 but it’s a struggle. Star Trek: Picard Can’t Even Get Nostalgia Right.

I love Star Trek, especially The Next Generation, so when it was announced a few years ago that we were going to get a spin-off, I was excited. One episode into season 1 of Picard and I was sorely disappointed. 

Now, after 2 seasons, we are in the middle of the third and final season, and nothing has improved. Okay, not nothing. The show is leaning heavily on nostalgia for The Next Generation, which is nice, sure, but that still doesn’t make it good

The cold open for Season 3, episode 1 is Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden). The fans are excited – we’re getting more OG characters! I learnt from season 1 not to get excited too quickly and here is why: despite seeing our old favourites on the screen one more time, the writers of this show just don’t know how to stick the landing.

Star Trek: Picard Can’t Even Get Nostalgia Right

Season 1 looked like it was going to be interesting. We were set up with strange visions of Data (Brent Spiner) which were intriguing, and a conflict between two opposing philosophical ideas about artificial intelligence. It was not a bad premise – but that’s all it was, an idea, and it never got explored in a way that anyone could follow.

Sure, we got to see Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) travelling the stars once again, with a few other familiar faces, and that was a cool experience, but it was all soured by the fact that the show was dull. The pacing was off, the characters were flat, and even Patrick Stewart couldn’t make his lines sound good!

Three seasons into this show and all we’re seeing is the same mistakes again: cool premise, bringing back old characters we all want to see in new stories, but a dull and overly-complex plot.

I want to like this show, I want to love this show! But no matter how much I try to sit back and let the narrative sweep me away, I’m just painfully bored. 

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  1. Than it ain’t for you some of us can still find the joy and wonder in things instead of needing everything to be geared toward us

  2. I was not expecting much from the big reunion but I love it!
    I enjoyed the first to seasons as well.

  3. Me I like Picard a lot, I think they’re doing a great job with it

  4. I think most real fans are enjoying what they are doing with season 3. Sorry you aren’t enjoying what they are doing with this amazing season, maybe don’t try and ruin it for the rest of us though eh?

  5. Agreed. It’s a pile of steaming dog$&-+. Typical that every other comment here is about how much the person loves the garbage studios crank out today. Shameful.

  6. Why are the new starships so dark? Did the writers and set designers actually watch TNG? If this was the Orville the first thing Picard would do when entering the bridge would be to turn the ruddy lights on.

  7. Wow. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. But hey, thanks for playing !!!

  8. Ufff. Dude, I give you that seasons 1 & 2 were bad (specially 2) but 3???
    Come on man.
    You sound more like those fundamentalist that criticize everything.
    If you want to hit something go and hit discovery which is utterly crap.

  9. I watched every episode when it came out, hoping to get something of value. Most episodes in the first two seasons left me feeling sad, mad, disappointed, incredulous, or betrayed.
    Season 3 has its faults, but it’s a dramatic improvement. I can let the faults go (dark lighting, Worf acting like Neo and ObiWan, creepy special effects copied from Stranger Things, Data’s new projector eyes, too much fan service to the point where it’s unnecessary for the plot, etc.) because they’re returned enough of the original spirit of the show and the overall plot is actually fun, cohesive, and compelling. I feel like I’m watching a continuation of the movies, and I like that.

  10. Some people do have the mental capacity to follow a whopping total of 2 or 3 plot lines.

  11. Different strokes for different folks. I’m not a fan of rap music, but will allow that some folks are. I have enjoyed Picard from season one on. Is it perfect? Nah. But what is?

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