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13 Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

Here is a list of 13 fantasy book series I want to start in 2024, with a few trilogies included that I would love to finish this year too!

I am already one or several books into many other fantasy series, so if you want to hear about those, you can check out my list of 7 Fantasy Book Series I Want to Continue/Complete in 2024.

#1 – Fallen Gods by Hannah Kaner

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

As I write this, I am about 30% into Godkiller, which is book one in the Fallen Gods series and Hannah Kaner’s debut novel. It’s a gripping and enjoyable read so far, and not too long so I’m enjoying the pacing.

The second book in the series, Sunbringer came out in February this year, so I am hoping to jump into this sequel next month and be caught up. 

#2 – The Five Warrior Angels by Brian Lee Durfee

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

Another series I have started recently, The Forgetting Moon (book one) is a big book! This is as epic as epic fantasy gets and it comes with a steep learning curve. At around the 30% mark, I feel like I have finally found my footing with the narrative and look forward to seeing where this goes!

The Five Warrior Angels is an epic fantasy trilogy completed in recent years, and I am hoping to read the final two books, The Blackest Heart and The Lonesome Crown later this year, probably one per month.

#3 – The God-King Chronicles by Mike Brooks

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

After interviewing the author, Mike Brooks, on The Fantasy Review, this epic fantasy trilogy got bumped up far onto my TBR! The God-King Chronicles looks like an incredible trilogy, and judging by the great reviews, is highly underrated – I love to find gems like this!

I will be starting book one, The Black Coast at the end of March, or it will be the first April read, depending on how much time finishing the massive The Forgetting Moon takes and messes with the schedule!

#4 – The Chathrand Voyage by Robert V.S. Redick

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

Another author I have talked with on The Fantasy Review is Robert V.S. Redick and I can’t believe I haven’t jumped into The Chathrand Voyage series yet! I have picked up The Red Wolf Conspiracy and have it scheduled for April.

I’m excited to get to this one, especially as I am now in the mood for some more seafaring fantasy after finishing Rise of Empire by Michael J. Sullivan recently which surprised me with an awesome adventure on a ship!

#5 – Raven’s Shadow by Anthony Ryan

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

This might be one of the only series on this list where I don’t even attempt to finish it, ever, but the first book, Blood Song is apparently a must-read and it sounds incredible! Unfortunately, it seems to be a unanimous decision within the fantasy community that the next two books of the Raven’s Shadow trilogy are not worth reading.

However, Anthony Ryan has many other books out which I will be diving into in the future, such as the upcoming A Tide of Black Steel, recently announced as the first book in The Age of Wrath series. I am also very interested in The Draconis Memoria and Covenant of Steel series.

#6 – An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I mostly read adult fantasy books, but I do like to read some YA and easier books now and again. Often they surprise me and I have a great time, like when I read Throne of Glass last year and actually loved it!

An Ember in the Ashes (book one in a series of the same name) looks like a lot of fun and judging by the first few pages I have tried out in the shop, it will be an easy book to burn through in a couple of sittings this September.

#7 – Empire of the Wolf by Richard Swan

The Empire of the Wolf series by Richard Swan has recently had its final book published, with an ending that has received mixed reviews. However, I still want to give the trilogy a go, especially with everyone saying that the first book,The Justice of Kings is a diamond!

I will also probably get to this around the end of the year, in September or August.

#8 – The Winnowing Flame Trilogy by Jen Williams

Another completed trilogy, The Winnowing Flame series has been on my radar for a while! This will be a winter read, so hopefully I’ll be finishing the year on a high with this trilogy.

#9 – Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

I love a bit of urban fantasy, finding the shorter, fast-paced books make for great in-between books for when I’ve read a few too many longer epic fantasy books in a row!

The series I used to read is The Dresden Files, but now I’m all caught up on that, I want to start something new which has plenty of books, so I won’t run out too quickly!

#10 – The Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham

Speaking of big books, there are several Daniel Abraham series I want to read, but in 2024 I want to at least start The Long Price Quartet, with Shadow and Betrayal (which collects books one and two in the quartet, A Shadow in Summer and A Betrayal in Winter).

I have this series scheduled for November/December, so I certainly won’t be completing it in 2024!

#11 – Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo

I enjoyed the Shadow and Bone adaptation on Netflix, although glad they did not renew it for a third series (you can find out my reasons for that here). There are several duologies and a trilogy in the Grishaverse, but I think I will start with Six of Crows (first book in a duology of the same name) as it has that heist-feel to it and my favourite characters from the show.

#12 – Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore

Homeland, book one in the Dark Elf trilogy has been on my shelves for a while now, and I have always wanted to jump into the Forgotten Realms books. This is a shared universe, but R.A. Salvatore cut himself a little chunk of it and went wild with Drizzt and I can’t wait to at least read this trilogy.

If I enjoy the Dark Elf trilogy, I will definitely continue on and make my way through the 30+ books Salvatore has written in this world!

#13 – The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist

Fantasy Book Series to Start in 2024

Last but certainly not least is The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist, starting with Magician. This is scheduled for around June and is a series written by yet another author I have interviewed on the site but am yet to read the books they have written!

I’m excited for this one though, as it is the only fantasy series that isn’t modern on my 2024 list, and there is hopefully an upcoming TV adaptation and I want to have at least read the first book, if not the first trilogy, before the show is released.

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  1. Magician by Raymond E. Feist is an absolute Must for every Reader, after The Hobbit, I was given a copy & instructed to Read, but I highly recommend getting through & to The Empire Trilogy asap

  2. The Fallen Gods series is also on my list of series to start this year. I loved the Grishaverse novels. Six of Crows is definitely my preference over the Shadow and Bone series. The characters and the writing feel much more mature and well-developed. Have fun with your selections!

  3. I picked up ‘Godkiller’ and it shot to the top of my list. Already have the sequel when I was only two chapters into the first. All I want to do is get home from work and read. My favourite fantasy book in a long, long time.
    Feist’s ‘Magician’ is chunkier than my comfort zone but it looks really good.

  4. The Empire trilogy is also on my definite TBR! It’ll be a 2025 read, I think, as soon as I’ve finished the first Riftwar trilogy.

  5. Godkiller, as of 40%, is one of the best debut fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time! Super dark, mystical, and very gay – I love it! Glad to hear a preference for Six of Crows – I just think that’ll be my preference too, so I’m prioritising that duology first. After that, would you suggest Shadow and Bone or the King of Scars duology? Not sure where the King of Scars fits in with it all tbh.

  6. I also bought the sequel very early on into reading Godkiller! Such a great book, and it’s so exciting when a book makes you want to drop everything to read it 🙂

    Magician is split into two novels, Magician: Apprentice is the first, and Magician: Master is the second – while they are technically book one in a trilogy, you don’t have to read them both back-to-back if that’s intimidating 🙂

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